Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective option for treatment as well as psychoeducation for many psychological concerns. A group setting allows individuals to work together, identifying solutions and supporting each other in expressing new ideas. Group participants benefit from discussing challenges with people who have similar experiences.

Cognitive behavioral therapy groups focus on the connections between thoughts and feelings, as well as changing behaviors that get in the way of individuals goals. The therapist helps guide the discussion and help group members work towards their goals.

At Next Level Therapy and Wellness Services, LLC we offer a variety of groups to address various challenges.  Our groups include:

  • Building Resilience in a Time of Change-A 12 week group addressing the stress and anxiety felt during this time of pandemic, natural disasters, and civic unrest
  • Grief and Loss Group-This 8-week group focuses on the grieving process and how individuals can move on in their lives

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